Pool insurance makes its owner comfortable and reassured, so you never lose in securing your pool, no matter the cost.


Pool safety will make your pool as it was designed with the expert engineer and will never tarnish its beauty.


The importance of
securing the pool

Swimming is one of the most prominent recreational activities and one of the most intense sports that help in fitness of the body. It is also a natural remedy for many health problems. Therefore, we must be careful, as it is a sport full of risks, which pool owners should beware of.


Statistics and studies have proven that 30% of the deaths of children from 1 to 4 years old were due to drowning, in addition to the occurrence of 236,000 deaths.

Annually due to drowning around the world in 2019, according to what was issued by the Social Health Organization, may God protect us, you and our loved ones. We have, thankfully, created the idea of swimming pool safety to solve all the problems of swimming pool owners after they put their trust in God Almighty.

What is the invention of pool safety?

Securing the swimming pool against any risks is a great responsibility that falls on the head of every family,
after doing the reasons and trusting On God Almighty you will avoid all the problems and dangers of the pool.

The pool safety is patented by the Patent Office of the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council with the number GC0011712.

POOL SAFETY is a product made of transparent acrylic fiber material, through which you can change the depth of the pool to the desired depth With the advantage of completely disappearing in the water.


Additional pool safety features

What distinguishes the invention of pool safety is that it is made of transparent acrylic panels, which are installed without nails or any additional pieces, which gives it:

  1. Lighter in weight compared to glass.
  2. Withstands sunlight and weather changes without yellowing or cracking.
  3. Resistant to chemicals, it is not affected by detergents, alkalis or swimming pool chlorine.

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